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Fiesta Plastics Inc. is not just a molding shop but instead a full service company.  We specialize in designing, manufacturing and delivering a complete and finished product.


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Fiesta Plastics Inc. first opened its doors in 1988.  Jack Thompson, after working in the plastics industry for over 30 years, traded the title of his truck for a small injection molding machine, with the promise of paying off the balance of the machine or he would return the machine and lose his truck.  Within months the machine was paid off and Jack had purchased 3 more machines.  Now 30 years later Fiesta Plastics has continued to grow.  Our 20,000 sqft facility contains 18 molding machines, and is equipped with a complete tooling/machining facility.   Despite these hard economic times we have enjoyed growth.  With our customers’ needs at the fore front of every decision we have adapted to meet the needs of today's competitive market.

Fiesta Plastics Inc. is not just a molding shop but instead a full service company.  We specialize in designing, manufacturing and delivering a complete and finished product.


Our MotTo

Never Give Up


To produce a high quality product at an economical price


To continually go above and beyond industry standards


Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority


Integrity, Punctuality, Accountability


Plastic Injection Molding

Lead Times are 4-6 weeks from reciept of Purchase Order

19 Molding Machines

25 - 650 Ton Capabilities

Up to a 7.5 lbs shot size


and more...

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Machine List

#1 400 Ton Ostar 54 oz 
#2 650 Ton Ostar 120 oz 
#3 300 Ton Ostar 28 oz 
#4 245 Ton JSW 18 oz 
#5 300 Ton Ostar 28 oz 
#6 300 Ton Ostar28 oz
#7 300 Ton Ostar 28 oz 
#8 400 Ton Ostar 54 oz
#9 400 Ton Jinhwa 54 oz
#10 150 Ton Mitsubishi 14 oz
#11 90 Ton Mitsubishi 5 oz 
#12 90 Ton Mitsubishi 5 oz
#13 110 Ton Ostar 7 oz 
#14 110 Ton Jinhwa 54 oz 
#15 120 Ton Ostar 7 oz 
#16 120 Ton Mitsubishi 7 oz 
#17 44 Ton Kawaguchi 3 oz 
#18 25 Ton Battenfeld 2 oz
#19 230 Ton Ostar 18 oz



Product and Mold Design

We use SolidWorks for all of our 3-D designs


Product Design

With just an idea our professionals can design your product.  Each design comes with a 3D pdf for easy viewing access and a set of 2D prints.

Mold Design

If you already have your product designed Fiesta Plastics Inc. can reverse engineer your product to create a working tool for production.

Preferred File Types

Part, Step, IGES, STL

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Rapid Prototyping

3-d Printing


Plastic: ABS, Acrylic, Metallic, Elasto, Acrylate

Metal: Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver, Plated, Brass, Bronze, Steel

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Tooling and Machining

High Speed Machining

2 Fadal Tooling Centers

Production parts and Prototypes

Mold Production

From simple mud sets to Class A Tools

With over 50 yrs in the industry our Tool Makers have the experience to get the job done.

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Mold Maintenance

Molds are cleaned and maintained after every run.

Save valuable time having your mold maintanenced and repaired at our facility



Latest Blogs

Blogs are updated periodicaly

Choosing the right Vendor

Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with your new or existing product great care should be given in the selection of a vendor, the considerations include but are not limited to:

1. How long has the company been in business? ( Fiesta’s been in business continually for over 20 years) 
2. What are their core competencies? ( Fiesta’s include mold building, injection molding, assembly, and value added operations on micro molded parts as well as large complex items) 

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Mold transfers can be stress free with these easy steps!

Guidelines for Shipping Injection Molds to Fiesta Plastics

Preparation of the Mold(s) for shipment:

• Molds should be cleaned and lubricated with rust inhibitor prior to shipment. A representative full shot of the plastic parts and the runner system should be included with the mold along with notation of any repair work required or recently performed on the mold.

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Our Dimension Elite 3D Printer

With just an idea we can design your product and print you a 3D plastic part out of ABS plastic. This will allow you to check fit form and function of any design before building an expensive prototype. This can save you thousands of dollars and time. And we all know time is money.

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We are located on 1st Ave. in between Broadway and Main just north of the train tracks.

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Fiesta Plastics, Inc.
1839 W. 1st Ave
Mesa, AZ 85202
P: (480) 921-2105
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